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SHO POWER Ontario SHO Enthusiast Club Mission

Are you one of those who are so dedicated to your SHO that cutting the lawn, fixing suv's, and playing the violin is not a priority? Join us with your SHO spirit in forming a small SHO Club. I am saying small because there isn't a big amount of SHOs here in Ontario (and Civic crowd is!). But we can do something about that! We are seeking nice people of all ages that are Ford Taurus SHO owners/drivers. E-mail list was started Sept 7, 2001. The main thing here is to get together, see some SHOs, get inspired, and get confirmed that we have a one of kind car. I do not see a reason to have a club model with one president working lots and lots of hours which noone really have nowadays. I am more into the model that evryone takes initiative to suggest and host something. It can be as simple as a BBQ or cruise night. Other suggestions could be excursions, parts/reference exchange, mechanical night, track days, dyno day, visiting clubs over the border etc. etc. Memberships are free, but there will be small collections from time to time for specific purposes, ie. web hosting.