153 000km, Green, Asking $4100

Probably one of the best maintained and one of the best looking SHO in Ontario. Very healthy engine - made 179WHP October 9, 2004.


Full maintenance log/pictures available here: http://hanker.tripod.com/sho.htm



Chrome 16 x 7 rims with 225/55/16 Kuhmos (value about $550)

Slicers with 215/60/16 Michelin Alpin winter tires

K&N filter

Stainless Steel mufflers from famous HotRodScotts (value about $350)

96+ SHO brake kit (value about $130)

Carbotechs Bobcat pads for 96+SHO (value about $140)

Solid UHMV plastic subframe mounts (value about $200)

Weld in subframe connectors

Tokico blue struts - good for minimum another 100 000km

26mm rear sway bar

Shonuts HD rear sway bar links

PIAA 1500XT fog lights (value $250)

Ziebart yearly anti rust since 1998

(Custom Xenon headlights and LED sidemarkers is not included but can be had for $900 extra)

(Stut tower brace is not included but can be had for $250 extra)


I am the second owner since 84610 km in 1998. The SHO has been adult driven its entire life. I simply need a differnt color/body to look at - it has been 6 years in my ownership. I will be looking at newer gen IIIs.


Here are an honest list of minor things on the 9 year old SHO:

1. One very minor indent, about 1mm deep, 3/4inch diamter on rear left door. No paint damage of any kind in this indent.

2. Hood has some minor paint chips, none of them with rust.

3. Passenger seat has minor wear, but absolutely no rips or tears.

4. Drivers seat has a minor discolor of blue from wearing Jeans in 120F on trip in GA, but absolutely no rips or tears.

5. Minor oil sweat from rear crank seal.

6. Antenna mast is switched to manual hand operation. Ford never managed to engineer the antenna motor system correct.


This car will go as trade-in sometimes soon unless anyone wants it.

email: heranker@yahoo.ca or work phone (8-4) 416-506 8000 ext 5332 home: 416-694-6374





Very clean engine. Oil always changed before intervals:


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