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I have the IPF reflector in the left headlight now. Nothing too faboulous... seems like the IPF beam is not great left of the center. But right of the center it looks great. Could be the bulb also - its just a no name brand. I imagine the IPF unit has been sitting on the shelf for 5 years?

The IPFs have a 15 degree angle, not  the 45 degree E2 standard that I want - so I was wondering about ordering a set of a set of Cibies for $65 a piece from Daniel Stern. But I ended up getting the Marchal units ($128 each) which are superior! But supposedly not worth the extra $68 difference compared to Cibie.

Parts needed:
100 x 160 mm sealed beam upgrade with H4 bulb. I recommend Marchal, Cibie, Hella, Bosh units and Narva bulbs or Philips Rally bulbs.

Tools needed:
Plastic cutting bit
Plastic carving bit
Outside extension cord

Marking off where to cut - width:
Unless you want to make new aiming screws/fastners, the only way it goes in is between the two. The outer side has to mounting points, so you want to carve a little bit more off of that side compared to the other that only has one mounting point.

Marking off where to cut - depth:

Place the headlight standing on the bulb mounting area. It is the only part of the headlight that are vertically correct. I chose to have the front part of the new headlight halfway through the stringer that covers the transition between lens and reflector, on the inner side. This distance was 122 mm from the table. If mounted more forward, additional structural stringers are needed, so that the assy don't get too flexible.
You also have to extend the circular hole in the black plastic that holds the H/L assy to make room for H4 bulb connector. Carve out half an inch so on the inner side.

How much do I need to cut:

Most of the rear part of headlight reflector. The new headlight are the same height as the front of the stock headlight. Behind the lens, it has a lower height. It sits in a different angle.


All sealed beams are supposed to be mounted 100% straight, vertically and horizontally. Well, the Taurus doesn't have a straight line anywere to compare to. My preliminary testing showed that just squishing the new headlamp in was actually pretty good. It was a off maybe a few degrees in vertical, which is nothing to worry about at this stage.

Glue Still havnt found th eperfect glue to fill in spaces on the side of new HL. Experimenting with an epoxy glue. They are one of the few that can withstand high temp.

Painting Due to upward reflection in old reflector, the bottom part must be matted down by painting it black or gray. Or you can simply sand off the reflective coating with 120 grit.