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In car aiming is not possible. Headlights must be taken out and 1/4" washers must be added/removed to/from mounting bolts. Vertical aiming is very limited, due to hight of headlight and available space to hood:

Currently, it is adjusted to have beam correctly aimed. Which means housing sits as high up as possible with a 3mm gap to the hood in the front. It is a good setting for my stock springs. If non stock springs are used or if your stock springs have sagged differnt, be prepared to remove large portions of headlight retainer (The black C-formed ABS plastic). This will make more room to adjust rear of headlight down, and front of headlight up and result is that beam will go further up. It should be mentioned that projector lights in general have a very sharp beam cutoff line and will therefore be a lot more sensitive to tire pressure front/rear and load variations. I run 37/35 in my tires. When going to 38/34, beam will reach maybe another 10-15 meters down the road.


Never bend headlights to make them fit. It increases internal forces and can make it crack or more prone to cracking.

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