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How to make bracket:

Above: First prototype bracket with headlight units in. Note the 2 bolts with red plastic tube that actually holds the 2 plates apart.

Above: Second prototype bracket. Plastic tube spacers have been replaced with solid spacers. Mounting holes has been made to fit stock mointing holes. 8 stainless steel bolts are used to strengthen.

Above: Second prototype painted in Duplicolor flat black

Above: Very limited vertical space. Note the nuch deeper projector unit behind the reflector based high beam.


Above: picture of all drawings

- Duplication can only be done by request drawings from me in size 1:1 by snail mail. The headlight is wider than my scanner.
- Cut the 15 pieces that the bracket consist of by using Optilux (twice as powerful as a Dremel) and Dremel with cutting bit.

You only have 4 min to apply glue before the parts has to sit in posistion,
This is probably the best order:

- Glue 2 3-layered spacers. 16.5 mm total (3x5.5mm).
- Glue high and low beam bracket together with 16.5 mm distance and 25 mm overhang (top view):

-Glue bottom sheet to H/L beam bracket.
-Glue top sheet. Make shure the distance are 97mm between top and bottom sheet.
-Glue in Mount bracket.
-Glue in side filler plates.
-Glue in plate behind turn light.
-Glue plate to cover lower opening in gts cover on outer lower side,
-Sand bracket with 240grit.

Alt 1) Sand with 400 grit, prime and paint in selected color (black).
Alt 2) Send units for chroming - around $50-120 each.

Final comments:

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