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City (Parking) Light

Above: Mounted between turn
light and low beam. (Not turned on yet)

Above: reflective foil cut out and ready to be glued on:

Above, right: hammering out the halogen bulb in a MR16.    Above, right: the two-LED cluster glued in.

Above left: bulit in 5W 12V bulb versus  two LED white cluster in MR16 reflector on the right.

All glue used here is Elmers "Fix All". It is very transparent.

Driver curcuit

LED driver is made out of a diode bridge via a 7505 voltage regualtor, then each LED has a serial resistor. This protects LEDs from wrong polarity and curcuit can take voltage peaks that sometimes occur in a vehicle electric system.


All in all, despite above picture, in real life, the output of the 2 LEDs looks somewhat dim compared to a typical parking light equipped with 5W incadescent bulb. Brighter LEDs can be put it in. However, the LEDs cannot be accessed from the rear. It would require removal of the front plastic glass, which takes about 4 hours each. I found the parking light function to be secondary, so I did not endeavor that enhancement any further.