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Wiring harness

This is included:
  • gold ring connector that connects to positive terminal on battery.
  • gold ring connector that provide ground to passengers side headlight via screw on alternator. (It could have been connected to minus terminal on battery, but its annoying maintenance wise, when battery has to come out.
  • gold ring connector that provide ground to drivers side headlights. Connects to bolts on starter motor.
  • connector to relays that are integrated into passenger side headlight.
  • 9006 connector to each Philips/Hella ballast.
  • 9 pin connector to low beam turn on module
  • Spade terminal connectors to each high beam module.
  • 2 terminal trailer connector for driver side city light
  • heavy duty wires
  • 5 in line "Littlefuse" fuse holders
  • 5 "Littlefuse" fuses
  • conduits to protrct against mechanical wear
  • 2 Quality Omron relays that are integrated into passengers side headlight.

    None of the 9007 connectors are used:


    Low beam is triggered to turn low beams on 4-5 seconds after ignition comes on. This forms a DRL function just like many OE HID equipped cars, low beam cannot be turned off unless engine is turned off. Headlamp switch in dash is to control sidemarkers & tail lights only. The original 9007 connectors will not be connected to anything, and should be filled with caliper grease and taped to keep corrosion away. High beam is triggered via DRL connector under driver side fender. US cars do not have a DRL module, but they have a DRL connector. DRL unit connector needs to be "fished out" from the dark (inside driver side inner fender) and brought up into engine compartment. No cutting or extending wire, simply route it upwards through chassis.

    The DRL fumction is created by hooking up to one of the wires going to the IRCM unit connector located above the rad on the drivers side. Factory DRL unit is removed and now hosts the delay unit:

    The custom delay unit box needs to be connected to a wire that is +12V when ignition key is in RUN or START. That is found on the IRCM unit over the rad. The Ford wire color is red and is located on pin 24. The supplied harness wire that needs to be soldered in is black with brown rings.:


    High beam relays are triggered from high beam wiring. The most practical spot to tap into this was at the DRL unit connector (as described above). It wil work just like OEM, by pulling left handle on the left of your steering column will trigger temporary high beam (also called flash to pass). Moving handle forward will make high beam stay on if you have headlamp switch set to 3 o'clock position.


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