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Taurus SHO Custom Headlight level 3

Main outcome:

I can now safely drive 70 miles/h at night with oncoming traffic with only low beams on!

Headlights was for sale

Headlights sold Jan 2005.
Read on to see what was (not) included, how it (does not) works and if you think you can tackle such an install.

Sale conditions

Sale is final. No return. It is sold AS IS. All units will be verified to be in working order before it leaves my home. However, I will help buyer as much as my time allows it (I am not available 24h a day), if any concerns arise during install.

What lights are included?

  • Headlights with Philips D2S equipped low beams, Osram 65W H7 high beams, MR16 35W turn signals, all which are parts that are replaceable from the rear of headlamp and is generally available from trade.
  • Sidemarkers made out of amber Superflux LED from Lumiled (HP/Philips joint Venture), and will last at least 50 000hours. Sidemarkers are new high quality units purchased at Ford. They have received a black frame looking appearance to match the blacked out headlights.

    What electronics is included?

  • 12 gauge harness with Omron relays
  • Littlefuse fuse holders
  • waterproof connectors
  • Custom DRL module wich turns on low beam around 4 seconds after ignition turns on
  • Philips LVQ-212 and Hella gen III ballasts for low beams.
  • Custom current limiter and current rectifier for sidemarker LEDs.

    Why did I choose this project?

    It took me 600hours, so it sure was a test of patience.

    Sidemarker - closeup pictures (new)

    Rear end of driver side headlight


    Bracket design and assembly

    Front cover (GTS cover customizing)

    Hella 90 mm low beam module customization

    Hella 90 mm high beam module customization

    City (parking) light

    Front amber turn light design and assembly

    Vent design and implementation

    Electrical wiring diagram and implementation

    Aiming assembly

    Tools (Offsite link to Automotive lighting FAQ)

    Beam pattern: 1) On the wall 2) In comparison to 2000 Audi A6 with OEM HID 3) Down the road with low beam only.

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