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My deepest passion in life has always been windsurfing. You know, started as an idiot in an ultra-small lake. The "well-known" lake is called Bogstadvannet. The greatest adventure of the day was to sail straightforward 20 feet. It took me 3 days of living pain to get that far. The next summer i advanced to an even bigger lake, "Oslofjorden". Back then i was sailing "Alpha Waikiki", later known as the biggest "bathing tub" of them all. (he he). Of course technology found its way to windsurfing as well, and reduced the weight of the equipment to under the half!!

Then it became uninterresting to windsurf in conditions under 20knots. Places like Jeløya outside Moss, Torkildstranda in drøbak was almost daily visited during may-sept. Even Hvaler, Hvasser, Varberg (Sweden), Blåvand (Denmark) were visited weekends, and holidays. Here is a picture from Bork Havn, Denmark.

Alright, the windsurfing fever is out. My interest has died out. It was fun. Now I live somewhere else and have opened up for more car related interests. Cars I enjoy has a more special look or higher performance. My favorits are VW Golf GTIs and Mercedes. See also my favorite car links to the world of cars.

Would u like to see my cars ????

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