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My 1995 Taurus SHO ATX

Why buy a BMW when you can have the same fun with a SHO for half the price?? A 225km/h capable wolf in sheep furr!

Chrome 16 x 7 rims with 225/55/16 Kuhmos, K&N panel filter, Coneless, SS mufflers, 96+ SHO brakes, Carbotechs Bobcat pads, solid subframe mounts, Subframe connectors, Tim Dahm Front Strut brace, Tokico HP-series struts, 26mm rear sway bar, Hella 90mm HID projector lights, PIAA 1500XT.

Clubs:Shopower and SHO National Club

Awards: Silver medal among the 1995 at the display (very unexpected) at the 1999 Convention in Atlanta.

What's new:
Nov 2004: Car is sold.

Technical section:
How to wire up an external fuel pump relay.
SHO headlights and upgrades
Tail light bulb 3357K aware
Subframe mounts and recall
ATX cooling lines upgrade. See diagram from before and after conversion.
Cam Sensor replacement. Supposedly moving away the PS-bottle and screw off the bolts (5.5mm or 7/32") does the trick.

Here is my SHO service/upgrade history:


Km          Date      Happening

84610    May 20  Proud owner of a new vehicle. Bought at Gallinger Motors in Milton, ON for $15.500
86437    Jun 12   First oil change
88000    Jun 30   Changed KVR rotors and pads on the front. Complete description w/photos.
89100    Jul 15   Meguirs Cleaner and Gold Class Vax on all paint.
89500    Jul 27   Changed to Mobil-1 10-30 syntetic oil. No leakage later beacause of that!
89714    Aug 08   Mounted 4 Dunlop SP4000
90200    Aug 25   Changed to Prestone coolant, new thermostat, new passengers side heater hose
90200    Aug 25   Changed temp sender
90800    Sep 28   Changed upper rad hose
91800    Oct 18   Removal of front bumper cover and front fender splash shields.
91800    Oct 19   Complete underbody wash. Oh man, what a mess..
91800    Oct 20   Drying for 2 days
91800    Oct 21   Ziebart rust protection
92100    Nov 05   Mounted PIAA 1500xt Foglights. The stock foglights just functioned as cosmetics. The 1500Xt actually doubles the light with headlights on!
92300    Nov 09   Antenna mast stuck. Easily replaced by following instructions coming with it. Ater you remove the inner fender!
92500    Dec 15   Refilled coolant due to freezing point of -17C
93200    Dec 19   Major leak form waterpump. The front cat was full of coolant. Was temp fixed by using brand name cooling system sealer.
93500    Dec 29   Left car at Shawn Hyland Motorsports, ON for 60K service, waterpump, UDP's!! Here's the receipt. They dont do SHO work anymore. Reason is pretty simple. Not enough SHOs on the road. And too different technology compared to their core business, Mustangs.


94000    Jan 21   Replaced battery for the 1st time with a Canadian Tire Motomaster Eliminator. The stock Motorcraft had heat bulks from sitting close to the heads. There should be some kind of protection from the radiant heat. Like a heat shield from "Cool-it thermotec".
96500    May 04   Overhauled starter. 3 of 4 brushes were complely gone. Even the solenoid needed replacement. 105 CAN $. Easy, but crampy job.
98500    Jun 10   Cleaned all paint and waxed with McGuires Gold. Total 12 hours job. Cleaning and washing is 9 of them.
99500    Jun 25   Subframe recall done at Bay Lincoln Mercury. Even the lower bushing (F3DZ 5400155A) was replaced in addition to the kit (XF1Z 5A364 AA). Lots of metal pieces was left under the front carpets from the 2" hole needed to be drilled. I cleaned it up, painted, and added rust protection.
100020    Jul 17   left front spring snapped off!! Replaced with new Ford springs and Tokicos shocks.
101000    Jul 27   Installed plastic subframe mounts (made by Tim Dahm )/bolts/washers.
101000    Jul 26   Converted to DexCool. Replaced lower rad hose.
101000    Jul 27   Upgraded from stock 22.5 mm to 26mm rear sway bar. Found it at a junk yard from a 91SHO. Sanded and painted it yellow. The worn out 91SHO bushings makes ugly creaks, so these will be replaced soon!
101000    Jul 27   Changed fuel filter (Ford)
101000    Jul 27   Replaced front outer tie rod ends - TRW/Mogul P/N ES2513R
101000    Jul 27   Replaced front brake pads
101000    Jul 27   Flushed brake system. Replaced with Castrol DOT4
103000    Aug 05   battery replaced for the 2nd time with Napa Nascar model after it started spuking acid.
103500    Aug 07   Replaced screaming auxialliary belt
105000    Aug 12   Replaced oil.
106000    Sep 05   Replaced waterpump. Here is a complete description of this on an ATX.
106400    Oct 09   Vaxed with meguirs Gold class. Gotta be prepared for the salty winter...
106440    Oct 10   Replaced thermostat (again..). Part # is E9DZ-8575-B (alias name: RT-1112). Symptoms is longer warm up time and temp gauge sitting on "L" on the HWY, started to appear lately. Noticed this time that there is a coolant hose to the left of the thermostat. It has a stock green Ford clamp that blocks for removal of the aluminum pipe going out from the thermostat. Why didnt I replace the clamp last year? The clamp is now bend somewhat, so its impossible to get off. I have to use my mini drill with a cutting blade some day...
106540    Oct 11   Finally got to put in 2 new bushings (part #E9DZ-5493-A, which is a package of 2) for the 91 SHO rear sway bar I installed July 27. Oh yes, that made a difference. Its my 60 profile tires that probably is the softest part now.
106790    Oct 19   Replaced fuel pump with Carter P74117. Bought for $143.75 at Auto Parts, 777 Warden Ave, (416)285-0255.
By the way, the stock pump draws ~ 3.5A at 11V and ~ 5.5A at 15.5 in water. (Yea, I know, its a FUEL pump...)
106800    Nov 10   Mobil-1 Oil change
106900    Nov 28   Drivers side fan broke. The front bearing of the fan were gone. The rear bearing is just a sleeve (poor quality) Temprarilily running w/o it. Luckily its not summer!
108100    Dec 28   Made gauge panel and mounted Autometer Oil Pressure gauge. This is how you make them! Readings at RPM: 1,5k - 20PSI, 1750 - 25PSI, 2500 - 37PSI, 3k - 45PSI. On a cold winter mornings it easily goes up to ~80 PSI at mid RPMs. Dont go there!


109000    Jan 11   Replaced Radiator Ford P/N F3DH-8N150-AA. Bought from Oakwood Radiator Service, $235.75
110000    Jan 23   Mobil-1 Oil change
111000    Feb 19   New Windshield. $70. Olympic Auto Glass, Karol Sokolowski. 7 days a week mobile: (416) 822-5221. According to him, all Gen II has the same windshield.
111100    Feb 29   Fan replacement. The stock fans are 13" and 10". The 13" stopped rotating due to worn out bearings Nov 28. Replaced it with a "Perma Cool HP 12inch". P/N is 19008. 1650CFM at 7.5Amps is pretty good. It is sold through JEGS ( Installation was done by removing the old fan(of course) and cutting out all the small fins behind the stock fan that somewhat protects human fingers from getting into the fan.(You know when you look at your favorite engine (SHO) and hold your hands over the rad support....hehehe). Then bend the bracket of the new fan 2-3mm and put in in. Insert 10-15mm length of 3/8 inch aluminum tubing as spacers for 1/4 inch x 2 inch bolts. Change polarity and solder on the stock wire that already has the connector on.
The rad fan fuse is 60Amp. It is selected that high because start current on electrical motors are 2-5 times higher than when it has reached operating speed. Stock wiring should be fine to use with any aftermarked fan, as long as you dont increase the amount of fans.
The CFM info for the stock 13" fan is after my assumption pretty high. Maybe somewhere bwteween 1200 and 2000 CFM. I compared the stock 5 year old 13" fan to the 12" Perma Cool HP 12" fan. Seems like the Perma Cool fan blows a little more. It is rated 1650 CFM. Comparison with old fans will only be an indication, since it is NOT a new fan anymore. Bearings tend to wear out...
PermaCool recommends: "Six cylinder engines generally require 2,000 CFM minimum, small cubic inch eight cylinder engines require 3,000 CFM and large cubic inch eight cylinder engines require a minimum of 4,500 CFM. Recommendations are based on stock engines and regular driving conditions."
From this I read that a total CFM should be close to 3000 CFM in total:
Six cylinder: 2000
High HP 1000
CFM 3000
The 12" and 10" combination should give 1650 + 1250 => 2900CFM.
The good part is that it mounts up the stock shroud.
It also might be possible to only use one 14" fan (2950CFM). For me it seems like one of the challanges for the fan is actually to get the hot air away from the rad. The space between rad and Yamaha engine is very limited. That is why I feel that 2 fans are better suited to push the hot air out of the engine compartment.

111200    Mar 14   Having alternator out for replacing brushes. Battery tray and upper idler pulley have to be removed to be able the 2 lower bolts for the alternator. Mark direction on accessory belt. Dont even bother taking the alternator bracket out to repaint it. The last of 3 bolts needs the inner timing belt cover off!!!!!!!!
111200    Mar 15   Painting battery tray.
111200    Mar 15   Found out that stator windings was somewhat shorted on the alternator. The brushes were definatly low, the regulator made it give out too low voltage when hot. The diodes didnt show more than 5% more loss, but I replaced them anyway including the bearings. There are 2 causes I can think that made a major influence on the wear: Cooling fan rotation was blocked back in November. The cooling fans have 60 amps fuse, and if it was drawing 55Amps plus my lights and the rest of the car, I probably past the limit of 120 Amps temprarily. The stock 60A fuse is way too big. I am going to replace it with a 30A fuse for each fan (that is what Perma Cool recommends for their fans). Secondly, the battery acid leakage from Road Atlanta driving helped to remove insulation on stator wiring.. The alternator is made in Japan by Mitshubishi, which makes spare parts more costly than for domestics.
112000    Apr 15   Oil change
113000    May 29   Replaced ECT sensor(P/N: F2AZ-12A648-A). I measured voltage across the 2 wires. At about 0.6V, the voltage bounced up up agin to 1.6V. Which is of course totally out of spec. See
113000    May 29   Cooling system flush in destilled water. Parts needed: Large flat collector tank ($18), 20L of destilled water ($12 at pharmacy at Dominion grocery store), 6L of coolant, funnel ($0 if you cut it off a big plastic bottle), 30L cat litter cans/buckets ($0 if you have cats) to leave old coolant for recycling at Canadian Tire. Empty cooling system through rad tap. Close rad tap. Fill up cooling system with destilled water. Leave funnel in. Start up. Keep system full. After a few minutes, open rad tap agin and continure drain. Continue to keep system full. Empty collector tank before it gets full into cat litter cans. Monitor color of drainage water. When clear, you are done!
114500    Jun 18   Claenad up and vaxed trunk under the rear spoiler. Simply loosen all bolts and have a sweatshirt to place it on while you remove the connector for the brake light. You will notice that the bolt arent torqed at all and that Ford uses a silicon/urathene rubber seal as space washers, which cracks/peels off when removing the bolts. The seal material came from a tube. So I used some outdooor silocone.
114500    Jun 20   New vax - Meguires Gold class
115200    Jul 17   Starter motor turned too slow to be able to start. Then it failed to engage. Got some metal partical in eye, so SHO was stranded in the parking lot, I was stranded at the East General Hospital. I learned my lesson: When working under car, put protective glasses on.
115250    Jul 24   Oil change
115750    Jul 28   Upgrade! Added unibody stabilazers - also known under the name subframe connectors.
116000    Aug 11   Upgrade! Installed new 96 SHO brake brackets ($61 each) and bolts ($3 and $9 each) from Ford. Got rotors from UPS ($54 each) and pads from Autozone (USD37). Painted in Racing Red "VHT Brake Caliper drum & rotor paint" - 900F/490C temp rating and chemical resistant. Dust from pads is pretty harsh to any paint. It is available from JC Witney
116800    Sep 5   Emission test: at 40 km/h ~ 1950RPM, HC 39 (limit 76ppm), CO 0.16 (limit 0.42%), NO 76 (limit 566), dilution 15.46
117200    Sep 21   Oil change
117400    Oct 10   Flushed ATX by removing the hose from ATX rad and attach a 3/8 inch diamter and 9feet hose to it. Collect into a (preferrably clear) contaier and let it all come out with engine idling. at the first sign of sputter, turn off engine. Added 2 quarts of Mobil-1 and topped off with Valvoline ATX oil.
117500    Oct 12   Removal of rust spots under body, painted up with POR-15.
117600    Oct 22   Sendt for it 3rd rust spray with Ziebart.
118900    Dec 15   Installed 4 x Michelin Arctic Alpins on the stock rims. Now that was a great improvement from half worn Dunlop SP4000 All Season - on snow.


119600    Jan 3   Changed motor oil to Mobil-1 0W30. Replaced 4.5L of ATX oil. Added special additive from Ford for this ATX.
120000    Jan 12   Started making support bracket for new headlight modules out of 5.5mm lexan sheet.
121900    Feb 3   Replaced battery for the 3rd time. $112 at UAP/NAPA. Good price for a 78Amps battery.
121950    Feb 12   Battery light came on constant after flickering for a few days. Cables and connections was fine. So alternator is going back to the shop that rebuild it 11 months ago.
122257    Mar 25?   Motor oil (Mobil-1 0-30)/power steering change (Castrol).
122900    Apr 12   Mounted up 16x7 Ford chrome wheels on 225/55/16 Kuhmos. Works great! They are drilled out Probe GT wheels.
125000    Jun 8   Replaced front exhaust hangers P/N# F00Y-5F262-AA
125490    Jun 9   Going for another Muffler replacement. Dynomax only lasted 2 years! This time I installed steinless steel ones.
125500    Jun 9   Motor oil and filter change.
125500    Jun 9   Motor oil level gasket replacement.
125590    Jun 10   Gave trunk a polish job with Meguirs #9 Swirl Mark remover.
125590    Jun 11   New coating of Gold Class Vax.
126400    Sep 1   "Bumpy" window trim. Removed oxidation behind window trim by cutting off black rubber coating with a knife. Peel off layers of white aluminum oxide and finalize with sandpaper. Painted with "Liquid tape".
127000    Sep 14-30   Removed more rust spots underneath body and behind rear bumper. It was yelling POR 15!!!
128700    Sep 23   Oil change
128900    Oct 3   Fuel filter Change
128900    Oct 3   Rear Caliper, rotors and pad replacement - both sides
128900    Oct 3   Brake fluid replacement
129000    Oct 21   Battery dead!. Caused by 80mA leak current. Maximum according to Helms is 50mA! Pull out one fuse at the time from both fuse boxes.


131200    Mar 25   Starter failing only when hot. Left me and wify stranded until we let it sit until it got cold. Brushes were completely gone. Replaced with new rebuilt starter. Cost $205 from Start Auto Electric, 401 Dundas St. E. Is this my 4th strater?
132000    Apr 5   Motor oil and filter change
132000    Apr 10   Removed aux belt for diagnosing screaming pulley. It was the upper idler pulley this time.
133000    May 20   Replaced Dexcool, destilled water, and half a bottle of Water Wetter. I only had 16L of destilled water available and I was able to get coolant color down to a very light red. Next time (in 1.5 years) I'll get 20L. The hard part is to actually drive around and empty all local pharmacies for destilled water! See 113000km for more details.
133600    Jun 15   1700RPM idle. Cleared off code 336. No continous codes. Code 335 comes up during KOEO test.
133700    Jun 21   High idle fixed by slightly rotating TPS sensor. It was giving 1,05Volt at idle. Max is 1,00 Volt.
134000    Jul 3   A/C just slightly cold because of low fluid level. Morris at Vantage Auto 905-897-1164 refilled and pressure tested my system. Total of $138.
134400    Jul 12   Replaced spark plug well gaskets and valve cover gaskets. To gain access to rear bank, the following was very useful to remove: egr pipe, heater hoses, and the huge metal bracket that holds the 3cm thick 2wire loom located above rear exhaust manifold. No need to open up fuel lines, simply loosen the bracket that holds it to the valve cover.
134900    Jul 14   Oil Change
134980    Jul 23   Replaced Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Pressure Sensor F1AZ-9J460-A. I first verified voltage at the connector: return is top pin, ground is middle and bottom is +5V ref voltage. Also removed and verified the EGR tube for blockage by exhaust crud. Code 335 does come up anymore at KOEO.
135700    Aug 19   Emmision test. Limits are in brackets: At idle: HC: 31ppm (200), CO: 0.03% (1), NO: N/A
135700    Aug 19   Emmision test. Limits are in brackets: At 40km/h: HC: 30ppm (76), CO: 0.17% (0.42), NO: 54ppm (566).
135700    Aug 19   Replaced rear sway bar links with Shonuts heavy duty units.
135700    Aug 19   Replaced transmission fluid
135750    Aug 20   Right side custom HID headlight isntalled
135800    Aug 25   Removed rust under battery tray, and covered with acid resistant POR-15: (I used the "Putty" version which is a little thicker, so surface doesnt get that smooth as regular POR-15. This area is invisible unless battery is removed, so cosmetics arent that important)
Click for larger picture. Click for larger picture.
Above: before and after.

136400    Sep 1   Replaced idler pulley between waterpump and AC. Bearing has the following labels: "NSK BD20-15DWA JAPAN". Note that the spacer does not come with a new pulley (P/N F3DZ-6B217-B ) from Ford. The spacer have to be removed from the old pulley. It was rusted in there, so I used a clamp to press it out. Now that I know the bearing P/N, I can go out and match that from an independant bearing manufacturer, the next time. The bolt in the picture is not new, it was left in POR-15 Metal Ready for 15 minutes. It was totally covered in rust.
136400    Sep 1   Replaced accessory belt with UAP Napa "Micro V belt K060837" (produced by Gates), which has a different length, because I have first gen UDP installed.
136500    Sep 6   Replaced Mobil-1 motor oil/filter.
137200    Nov 2   Waxed with Meguiars Gold class. Thanks to Pierre for excellent warm warehouse!
138150    Dec 12   New battery from NAPA. Using a generic 72A battery. For next time: pre order the special battery from NAPA.
138200    Dec 12   Oil change
138200    Dec 12   Added in more undiluted Dexcool
138200    Dec 12   Powersteering fluid change


140080    Mar 22   Oil change
142810    Jun 29   Repainted battery hold down bracked with POR-15
143020    Jul 10   Front swaybar endlinks replacement. Type: Ford
143020    Jul 10   Coolant flush/replacement
143020    Jul 10   Oil change
143020    Jul 10   Oil filter change. Brand: Purolater
143020    Jul 10   Crank pulley portion of UDP kit (crnak+alt) disintegrated. Went back to stock pulleys. Nice to have battery charge at idle agian...
144100    Sep 13   New rotors and Carbotech Bobcat front pads installed. PAinted caliper with blue "VHT Caliper and brake paint".
144600    Oct 9   Mobile-1 Oil Change and Ford FL-400S oil filter.
144600    Oct 9   Oil bolt gasket replacement.
144680    Oct 11   Painted 11 small paint chips
144690    Oct 12   Removed some minor surface rust on inside top of door and under sunroof. Used POR-15 paint - of course.
144700    Oct 13   Replaced driver side and center console vents. They have been partially broken since I bought the car in 1998.
145000    Oct 18   Replaced flex pipe with a 3" diameter.
145000    Oct 18   Replaced O2 sensors. Used Bosch P/N 15716.


147046    Feb 1   Mobile-1 Oil Change and Ford FL-400S oil filter.
147600    Feb 17  Replaced starter motor. Symptoms where classical: slow turns and increasingly slow when hot. Is this the fifth starter?
147700    Feb 20  Replaced two coolant hoses attached to IAB (idle regulator valve), located on passenger side of throttle body. Hoses bought from
148234    Mar 13  Soldered on new wires to brake pedal switch after getting the classic symptoms: impossible to get shifter out of PARK.
148510    Apr 17  Replaced fog light switch with a high quality industrial recessed one.
148630    Apr 24  Replaced rear door lock tabs.
149010    Apr 30  Replaced drivers black door handle after spring broke.
149328    May 6  Replaced transmission oil/filter - Ford parts / Dextron III.
149328    May 6  Replaced engine oil/filter - Mobile 1/Ford FL-400S oil filter
149328    May 6  Replaced power steering fluid - Pennzoil
149328    May 6  Replaced brake fluid - Ford HD1
149620    May 28  Replaced coolant hose throttle body - engine. Its an L-shaped curved that does not need to be Ford part. A 5/16" fuel line hose fit perfectly.
149620    May 28  Replaced 3 litres of coolant with Havoline premixed Dexcool.
149620    May 28  Added ~half a bottle of Redline Water Wetter.
150090    July 17  Cleaned and waxed car.
151020    Aug 18  Replaced engine oil/filter: Mobile 1/Ford FL-400S
151020    Aug 18  Replaced one liter of transmission oil (from May 2004) with Mobil-1 transmission oil. I total, that will make it about 9% syntetic. Good for starts and winter.
151150    Sep 1  Key for door lock cylinder goes in, but will not turn: 2 keys worn out. Got new keys made from tags kept from manufacturing time. $34 from independant lock smith instead of $150 for a 2 door lock cylinders, ignition lock cylinder and 2 new keys.
151390    Sep 10  Replaced wireless door/trunk opener system with an aftermarked model with better range and useful receipt signal in exterior parking ligths. The system has built in support for remote start as well, but I never found that function useful, so did not install that function. I do not live in cold enough climate, I guess.
151410    Sep 12  Repaired several minor paint chips.
151490    Sep 21  Replaced fuel filter with Motorcraft - parts: $17.94
151490    Sep 21  Emission test: At 1845 RPM: HC ppm: 0 (67), CO%: 0.16 (0.37), NO ppm: 44 (501), Dilution 15.4. At idle 849RPM: HC ppm: 33 (200), CO% 0.95 (1.00), NO ppm N/A, Dilution: 15.6
152110    Oct 9  Replaced aux belt with Gates brand and cleaned all 6 pullies after some chirping where coming from belt area.

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