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Intro: These directions are based on the ATX engine only, so ATX fans, check out the differences!. As you probably know, timing belt replacment and/or C(rank)PS replacement is very much the same job. I could not stand listening to any more scream from water pump. So I basically pulled off all pulleys at the passengers side of the engine. I found it very useful to loosen power steering pulley, water pump pulley, and of course crank pulley, BEFORE taking the aux belt off. The small bolts from the covers did not fit my crank pulley. The UDPs needs 1/4" x 3" bolts with nuts in conjunction with a steering wheel puller. The bearing on second idler pulley from the front did make ugly noises too. It said "Made in Japan".

Water pump Removal:
1. remove battery, battery tray. 3 bolts. Craftsman speed wrench is recommended on the 2 lower ones.
1.5 remove drive belt (=serpentine belt) by attaching a 14 mm socket with 2 feet extender pipe, and rotate clockwise (down).
2. remove power steering pulley. It blocks for item (3)
3. remove drive belt tensioner, by removing the tensioner-to-block bolt, not the pulley bolt. (It blocks for middle cover)

4. remove remaining pulleys except the alternator one.
5. remove all three plastic timing belt covers. Top, middle and then lower.
6. remove alternator. It blocks removal of item (14).
7. Turn crank so that camshaft sprockets alignment marks align with marks on back cover. 2 feet long, 1 inch diameter, extender pipe on the wrench attached to the crank bolt is enough to turn engine over.
8. mark lines on the timing belt where the small dots are on the 3 sprockets. Also, to keep same way of rotation, mark whats outside of the belt.
9. Remove passenger side inner fender unless you have already. It gives you the extra space you need to continue.

Note that after removal, belt still sits tight on all pulleys, except for tensioner - You have to put it on the same way.
11. remove timing belt
12. remove timing camshaft sprocket closest to the alternator, by simply removing the 3 bolts.
13. Remove these 3 bolts marked by green arrows:

14. Remove bolts (green) on metal cover (red) that covers neck pipe to rad:

(blue bolts is where the drive belt idler pullyes go on)

15. Bend right side of cover item (13) out half inch, and item (14) will come loose.

16. Disconnect lower coolant hose and remove all 4 bolts from water pump and pull it straight (important) out:

17. Remove neck pipe (goes to lower rad hose) from water pump:

Water pump preparation:
My new water pump did not come with a neck pipe, it had to be moved over from the old pump.
Peel of old gaskets from old surface on mating neck pipe with a plastic piece (cassette cover). Use brake cleaner, 600 sand paper and finally 800 grit.
Apply a thin non hardening "form a gasket" layer on each metal surface and put it together with the new gasket.
Mount the new thin O-ring on the back of the water pump.

Water pump Install:
40. Install the thick O-ring over the first lip on the crossover pipe. Don't be scared if you feel that you can move the crossover pipe a little back and forth. It is normal.
45. Apply vaseline on the back of the water pump. In the area where the crossover tube will insert, to prevent the O-ring to move on the crossover tube while you insert the water pump. You are not able to see the crossover pipe while you insert the pump.
50. Install water pump.
60. Optional cheap leak test procedure: Refill coolant, mount water pump pulley temporarily. Attach serpentine belt to the pulley and the other end to a drill. The best would be to have a feet baseball bat mounted on the end of drill. Rev up the drill as much as you dare!!
72. Install metal cover, rear cam cover, right cam sprocket,
85. Install timing belt. Don't let tension pulley fall onto crank. Put a cloth there. Align belt on crank first, then fold inside of idlers and mount at cam sprockets.
90. Put timing belt tensioner in a 4.5 inches wise (I used a garage jack) and insert 1.5mm hex key in the holes.
100. Install tensioner with the 2 bolts inserted. Remove the hex key. verify that belt is on the middle on all sprockets and pulleys.
110. Insert the 2 triangular rubber spacers (2" long). One close to the tensioner. The other sits below item (14)
120. Install lower timing belt cover. Upper left bolt is shared with middle cover. The long bolt goes inthe middle.
130. Install middle cover.
135. Install top cover. Couldbe left out if you want to verify that the timing belt runs fine.
140. Install alternator. Be aware that front idler pulley blocks.
150. Install aux. belt tensioner
160. Install all pulleys.
170. Attach aux belt.
180. Install battery holder/battery.

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